Please be aware that this information is a helpful tool for the natural or human love path only (as are all current new age spritual teachings and practices); as such it can help open, clear, heal and guide into a state of more natural or human love, as was attained by the Buddha and many others over history. This can lead to the perfected human state that many are seeking, but does not make one immortal on the soul level and thus has a finite completion, although the state reached is one of much happiness and peace.

This path does not and CANNOT lead to at-onement with God, which is only possible on the Divine Love path. The Divine Love path, which heals to the deepest level within the Soul by aligning to the Divine Laws of Love and Truth and including Mother/Father God as the integral core, is the only path that allows the soul to become both in image AND in substance of God by opening to receive God's Divine Love, which transforms the soul and makes it immortal. This is the highest aspiration of the soul and brings the greatest happiness and peace, but each soul in harmony with Divine Law has Free Will to seek what it desires.

Several years ago, as my own journey into the Divine Love path began awakening me to a greater Truth and transforming my soul to such a greater degree, I must state that I am still querying whether the history and other accounts within the book are in alignment with God's Truth of the history of our universe.  My experiences were very real and transformative with this material, but my Soul was ready to expand into something even greater.  As it has turned out, I opened to God's Truth and for several years, put the Dragons to the side, waiting to be shown their role in God's design.  The clarity I have been asking for is starting to unfold, as is the understanding of the parallel universe they were created within, and the dynamic of their connection to God like ours, as well as their own angelic realms.  As this unfolds, I feel the sequel book finally unveiling itself.  Until that happens, may this book serve as a stepping stone for those feeling called to it and give answers that you are currently seeking.



This book, 'The Dragon Within' with its companion CD gives us a taste and opening into the energies of the Dragons, and what each one can do for us, and how we can work with them to fully empower the Divine Feminine within. This is not material for those who wish to leave their bodies and go into another place: this is material for those who wish to be here now, and embody themselves on earth, embracing their shadows completely, and coming into their full Self empowerment. It is for those who wish to co-create Heaven on earth by bringing all aspects of themselves into wholeness; it is for those who wish to embody the divine feminine in all its power, wisdom, and love.  ~ Padma Aon, Author of The Christ Blueprint, The Power of Shakti, The Nine Eyes of Light, and Womb Wisdom