Entering the Dragon Realms

Entering the Dragon Realms


Entering the Dragon Realms

Finally an opportunity to dive into the Dragon Realms at your own pace. This course was developed to introduce you to the Dragons: who they are, why they are here, why and how to work with them, and how it can change your life and journey.  It is perfect for those that don't want to wait for the next Dragon Within Book Club, or when other live programs don't fit their schedule.

This course contains 4 1-hour modules, a full pdf workbook accompaniment, a fill-in pdf version of the workbook, and a guided meditation.

You will learn a ton and be able to go back in again and again to get pieces when they apply later on in your journey.



Planetary Healing with the Dragons

There are many of us here as Dragons that have a role to play in activating and awakening the many Dragons around the globe that have been in a deep sleep staste awaiting this time when human were ready to embrace them again. This mini-class is 2 packed hours of information to help you recognize Dragons in the land, water and skies; how to connect with, communicate with and activate them or the vortices they guard; and understand what a great service this is to the healing of both humanity and Gaia.



40 Days in the Mirror

A 40-day guided reflection to take you into deep shadow work and release.  An opportunity to truly reflect deeply within your own mirror of self for 40 days.  Why 40 days?  In all mystic traditions, this sets up an experience to touch your core essence in the presence of God.  Jesus, Buddha and other masters over time have shown this sacred time to bring them to extraordinary states of awareness and communion with the Divine.  Adapted from the ancient ceremony of Ma'at, I have created a template of reflection that one can use in a lighter way to begin to see the Truth of their soul in a short 10-minute daily meditation or for those desiring a deeper look, to spend more time with it every day.  The more time available, the more that can be revealed.

Guidance, daily short videos and a meditation track to get you started. 


Meditation Basics

Many of us struggle to have a meaningful or deep meditation practice without a guiding voice. This simple online course gives the core basics to get there on your own, which can be the turning point in your awakening and your journey as it was for me. Based on a breathing practice mastered in Thailand and taught every week for 3 years in the early years of my teaching journey, it will really get you on the right track.