Frequently Asked Questions

On your journey, you will have many questions - most likely the answers are available in one of my live recordings over the last 2 years - you can find a full dragon playlist of weekly topics on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL or in the video archives of the 'FOR THE LOVE OF DRAGONS' FACEBOOK GROUP'. You can also email me with questions or post them into the group for the next live! (thursdays, 2pm PST)


Male vs. female differences - using them both

You will discover in working with the Elemental Dragons that there are specific male and female aspects of each that come forth. These are described in each section for the specific Elemental Dragons, as well as how to merge them and what experience that may bring. For many aspects, it needs to be an individualized, organic process, as each dragon shares with us in subtly different and unique ways.

The difference between the experiences for men and women is mainly in the Womb/Hara Dragons being activated. This, however, as described by men in the Womb Activation circles is a fairly similar experience to the women in the group. They feel the same physical sensations in the womb space and the same type of creative power awakening; they also definitely have a name for this space like all of the women do.

Men will experience these things, but typically it will be the women called forth to awaken and activate these energies first in order to then awaken the men. I, for one, applaud all the men out there that are leading the way in this realm.

Why are people scared of dragon energies and their use, of dragons themselves; are they devil worshipers/evil entities?

There has been a lot of fear generated over centuries around dragons and it would be natural for many to be fearful of using their energies. It is locked in our cellular memories from the Crusade eras when the dragons were driven from the planet (see below). All beings, including humans, in this dimension carry the duality of density (or evil as some call it) and Light in their nature. It is inherent that all beings can express either characteristic. The majority of animals will only move into aggression when put into a defensive position.

The dragons gained a reputation as fearsome beasts because they were being hunted and defending themselves. Their truest nature is as loving protectors. Even Tiamat, who is the mother of chaos and form - the most dense energy available - is at her deepest core full of the greatest Light. It is in her protective role as Mother that we disturb her and thus feel the wrath she can carry.

When you connect with a dragon for the first time coming from your Heart space, you will understand the deep Love that they carry because they come from the same Source we do.

Why did they disappear from the planet?

Fears arose during the Crusade era regarding the dragons, created by a regime that wanted to crush out all nature worship, whether it was for trees, the Goddess, the Earth or animals, including the dragons. There were crusades to hunt and slay them along with their worshipers. The dragons disappeared because they were no longer understood or wanted here. They still exist in the mists and many are sleeping in the hills surrounding the countryside of Europe, for example. Many energy workers, in the last decade especially, who have a dragon connection, have been finding themselves coming across dragons in the hills ready to be awakened.

Individual work vs. group work; localized vs. sacred sites

All of the dragon energy exercises described in this book can be done individually or in group settings. As with most energy work, group dynamics add exponentially to the energy experience. Working with a trained facilitator is even more powerful, as is working on-site in sacred sites or locations of high earth energy, such as those described on the Michael Ley Line through Europe. There are many powerful sites in the world where you will feel particular dragons more powerfully than others in those areas. You do not need to travel all over the world, though, to experience the power of your connection with the dragons. Wherever you are, they are waiting to meet you and will come to you.