5 Keys to a Breakthrough Free PDF

Everybody has challenges in life.  And everyone desires to move past them, to get motion forward again whether it is in our relationships, our careers, our families, our personal or spiritual path...


All of us get to points in our lives when we struggle. When everything feels like it isn’t working, is going nowhere or we are in such a thick forest of trees that we can’t see the path before us anymore.  This is called a block.  And it can come up energetically, emotionally, or mentally.  So how do we keep going?  How do we get movement forward again with the most ease and grace rather than waiting it out, waiting to be rescued or for things to get so dire that we just jump ship and abandon our current course, only to discover months or years down the road that the new ship sailed right into the same lagoon?



* how to recognize your blocks

* how to tackle them once you see them

* where to focus your attention on the inner planes in order to actually shift something in your life

* the keys that work for big and small challenges


Let's get your inspiration meter full again!! You CAN break through whatever is holding you back and TRANSFORM your life.  These 5 Keys will help!

Sunomi, Canada

Araya Thank you! I'm so grateful for the last session with you as I truly experienced a palatable shift in myself.  Being in my body, feeling and experiencing pain, allowing it to be, and being kind and loving with it. The session felt so profound... in fact every session feels that way! Feeling so blessed.

—Sunomi, Canada

Jeff, California

Araya is nothing short of amazing.  Our sessions have been mind and spirit opening with so much revealed to me.  I look forward to every session we have and the additional insight she provides.

—Jeff, California