• Divining with the Dragons Oracle Deck

Divining with the Dragons Oracle Deck

  • $33.00

This Oracle is a magnificent way to connect directly with their energy and receive a direct message from them. Multiple lineages and realms are represented within this collection.

This Dragon Oracle is not your standard divination tool. It can function in solely that capacity, but with this deck comes an entire legion of Dragons ready to serve. When you pull a card, you are quite literally also calling forth that Dragon. Or more accurately, the Dragon is stepping up to get your attention. As such, when you pull a card, it may give you a confirmation of a presence you have been feeling around you or clarity of who it Be.  It may also put you on notice that a particular Dragon is wanting to work with you, especially around the issue related to the information shared on the card.  It will be a beautiful journey into the Dragon Realms, especially if this is new territory.

44 cards with Guidebook

3.5 x 5 inches, ship weight approx 10 oz

Only available in English currently.