Dragon Symbol Pendants - Single item

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These beautiful, lightweight pendants are created from the symbols associated with each of the Dragons as shared in The Dragon Within, and thus carry that frequency.  Able to be worn as pendant with a silk 'chain' or used as a key chain, they are made of methacrylate, which is known for its stability, durability, hardness and scratch resistance.  The symbols show on both sides.

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Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Black, White, Crystal, Gold, Silver, Copper, Sirius A, Sirius B, Sirius C

Shipping Note: All pendants can be shipped internationally via First Class USPS if they are the only item in the order. There is no tracking on this service and it is $15 USD to anywhere in the world. No refunds will be issued for non-arrival of product. Please contact me directly if this is what you desire.  Otherwise, all international shipments are sent via Priority Mail rates to insure tracking capability and insurance.