Divining With The Dragons

Dragon Oracle Deck

44 Stunning Cards with Full-Color Guidebook

This Dragon Oracle is not your standard divination tool. It can function in solely that capacity, but with this deck comes an entire legion of Dragons ready to serve. 

When you pull a card from the Dragon Oracle, you are quite literally also calling forth that Dragon.  Or more accurately, the Dragon is stepping up to get your attention.  As such, when you pull a card, it may give you a confirmation of a presence you have been feeling around you or clarity of who it Be.  It may also put you on notice that a particular Dragon is wanting to work with you, especially around the issue related to the information shared on the card. 

Divining With The Dragons opens the path to a beautiful journey into the Dragon Realms, especially if this is new territory for you.

Deanna, New York

My dragon deck from Araya AnRa arrived today...the energy coming off of them is powerful. As soon as I had the deck in my hands, I began to vibrate...

—Deanna, New York

Denise, Virginia

I got my beautiful new deck yesterday and OMG! Wow! Just Wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Denise, Virginia

Amie, North Carolina

The deck is spectacular! The imagery is gorgeous, the guide book is exceptional, and the energy is palpable even beyond expectations!

—Amie, North Carolina

Pina, London

Powerful tool of manifestation, those cards are… I could feel their intensely vibrant energy just by holding them near.

—Pina, London

Some of the cards in this powerful deck...

This Oracle Deck is a magnificent way to connect directly with the energy of the Dragons and receive a direct message from them. Multiple Dragon lineages and realms are represented within this collection.

Carnelian Dragon

Life Force - Exuberance - Dynamism

Crystal Dragon

Clarity - Confidence - Trust in Self

Rainbow Dragon

Ethereal - Levity - Spaciousness

Sun Dragon

Amplification - Radiance - Divinity

Womb/Hara Dragon

Divine Alignment - Remembrance - Manifestation

Obsidian Dragon

Stillness - Alchemy - Completion