The Dragon Within

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The dragons have played a part in the history of the universe since the beginning. We see them sprinkled throughout ancient traditions, religions and philosophies and yet they always hold an air of purely mythic or legendary existence. Some of those traditions have held the dragons in high esteem and import, while others have portrayed them as fearful beasts. What we are coming to realize is that our 'ascension' process (or truly 'descension' of our Lightbodies into the physical plane) during this time of great transition for the planet is indelibly linked to the dragons.

It is the completion of the spiral to come back around to the most ancient energies of creation, to our molecular roots so to speak, yet with a consciousness that allows us to move and expand into the next evolutionary phase: the next spiral. It is through our connection to the dragon energies becoming available once again that our Lightbodies can be fully grounded into the physical. This is why the dragons are resurfacing, and play such a crucial role at this time on the planet. They are the guardians of the deepest layers of density in the core of Gaia that hold the secrets to our ascension process.

It is they who have held the knowledge and keys to the activation and anchoring of the crystalline matrices and higher Light geometries within our physical bodies and Gaia's that are necessary for us to hold our highest Lightbodies in form.

It is they who hold vital keys to the resurrection of the Divine Feminine that is instrumental in our transition into a time of Divine Union and balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet. They can help us activate the power, joy and bliss of Shakti, the power of the lifeforce - the Feminine Power - that needs to be reawakened and reactivated within each of us and in Gaia. 


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They have been awakening and activating deep connections within many of us in the last few years, in order that we may remember our connections to them and invite them to show us the pieces we are missing. Many on the planet are feeling drawn to them again, whether by direct experience, an interest in dragon art or books or an unexplainable awakening of something deep within us tied to dragons that we can't pinpoint.

The Dragon Within is in essence a history and practical guidebook to work with these magnificent Beings. It will open the ley lines of energy long closed off in the physical and etheric bodies that are connected to the dragons. It will bring on a journey of discovery both unexpected and yet uncannily familiar. It will expose you to the deepest, most abundant love that you have yet experienced, as this is the truest essence of these Beings - Love, Power and Wisdom - and they will teach each of us a great deal.



If you need support or assistance on your journey, please email me to see about session work together or go here to book. There are 75 minute 1-on-1 sessions and 20-minute dragon readings now being offered, as well as a 12-week Transformation Springboard and a Dragon Within Book Club.

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The Way of the DragonHeart Program is under way. This is a 9-month journey of discovery, opening and deepening into the Dragon Realms to step into who you truly BE.  Limited to 9 souls. March 21-December 21, 2018. This round is closed, but please email me if this is calling you to be notified for the next group or the new 4-month program The Eye of the Dragon which kicks off in January 2019. (Registration opens soon!) 


Walking with The Dragons, the first workshop since 2011 is happening November 10, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. This full day workshop allows an opportunity to dive into and experience the Dragons first-hand, to understand your connection with them more clearly and more deeply, to learn why they are with you and how you can work with them more directly.  It is a powerful gathering for expansion on many levels, as well as a lot of fun as the Dragons come with quite a sense of humor most of the time. Please email me for more information or register here!  

This workshop is in conjunction with a global activation happening as part of a Sacred Journey through Egypt. If you are interested in the energetic Transmissions that will be available from the Dragons as part of this, please contact me or go here.




Also now available... GUIDED MEDITATIONS with the Dragons. The first one... 'Unlocking Your Truth and Purpose'! 

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Please join our FB GROUP - FOR THE LOVE OF DRAGONS - We are gathering the dragon clans together again to share experiences, inspirations and artwork... all things dragon, to create a space to ask questions and support others who are just opening to the dragons' presence in their lives. I would love to have you there!