Dragon Meditations

 The power of guided meditations to open one to deeper work is unquestionable.  While enhanced in group settings such as the Book Club or programs because of the exponential aspect of group energy, individual work is a key component to our growth and expansion.  By having someone guide you in, your focus can remain on deepening your state of inner awareness and simply allowing your experience to unfold as you align to an intention being created by the guide.  Working with the Dragons in this way, will allow connections to many that you may not be able to call in or access on your own.  It also allows repetitive listening to go deeper and gain more clarity or focus on different internal questions or intentions each time.


"Araya's Dragon guided meditations are amazing.  I was never able to work with the Dragons at this level without her help.  She brings several of the Dragons together at different levels to facilitate clearing and a deeper connection to them.  If you are serious about working with the Dragons or even curious, this is where you want to start besides her Book Club.  You will be hooked and open an aspect of yourself that you never knew existed.  I will continue to buy these meditations as they become available.  ~Long Bui, California"